Introducing Capstone Homes

Capstone Homes is proud to be a featured custom home builder for Yavapai Hills master planned community. These extraordinary homesites at Yavapai Hills are some of the most desirable homesites in the Prescott region with many providing spectacular mountain and valley views, terraced lots and a rolling landscape. Homesites such as these welcome your vision…a vision we at Capstone Homes can bring to life. At Capstone Homes at Yavapai Hills, we offer our unique Design/Build concept to build the custom home you have in mind, or if you need inspiration, we are showcasing several of our finest Capstone floorplans that exemplify desired Prescott living. All our homes for Yavapai Hills will be Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) certified by the Department of Energy. Our floorplans can be completely customized with a myriad of construction and amenities options, creating a home that is as individual as you and your family. Unlike any other home builder, every home becomes a custom home with our commitment to building just for you.

Our Custom Design/Build

As the largest custom home builder in northern Arizona, we offer a unique Design/Build program that sets us above and apart from the typically arduous and disconnected process of building a custom home. We make building your dream home a pleasant and rewarding experience.

  • Our in-house team will design the floorplan you envision, or you can choose from our Capstone collection of floorplans to customize and make it your own.
  • Once your full floorplan is drawn, exterior elevations are provided, bringing your home to life. Interiors become specific and amenities are planned. Pricing is detailed for your approval and permits are submitted.
  • Construction is coordinated by our professional team and we begin building your home. From the time of permit approvals to final closing, we communicate with you every step of the way.
  • Your new home is presented to you upon construction completion. Our Customer Service Manager walks you through your home to review all the features, owner’s manuals, warranties and follow-up services, ensuring we have exceeded your expectations.

Energy Efficiency Elevated

A home built by Capstones Homes is designed at an elevated level of energy efficiency. Our construction materials, design and features create a maximum level of efficiency. We are pleased to have been honored as a Housing Innovation Award Winner for our Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH).

  • Our homes are solar panel ready. With your installation of solar panels, your home could offset all of your annual energy costs.
  • Foam Insulation is sprayed into all exterior walls, expanding to create an air-tight seal to keep heat and cool air just where you want them resulting in lower energy costs.
  • Each home is treated with AeroBarrier, a revolutionary sealant applied during construction by pressurizing the home, allowing the atomized spray to seek and block any air leaks. This further increases energy efficiency.
  • Every ZERH is built from the ground up with our environment and your family in mind. Low VOC paints, adhesives and other materials reduce harmful toxins in our world and your home.
  • Fresh air exchanges filter out stale air and bring clean air into your home removing indoor moisture and other particles, replacing it with fresh oxygenated air for your family to thrive.
  • Energy Star certified appliances meet strict energy efficiency government criteria, saving you on your energy costs without the sacrifice of luxury and convenience.
  • Only an Energy Star Certified Home can earn the additional label of an Indoor airPlus Home. Design and construction features are included to help protect your home from air pollutants.
  • Tankless water heaters use up to 50% less energy than standard water heaters. Enjoy both the convenience and energy efficiency of hot water on demand throughout your home.
  • We select plumbing fixtures with the WaterSense label, an EPA program that certifies products use at least 20% water, save energy, and perform as well as or better than regular models.

The Capstone Promise

At Capstone Homes, we are determined to build you the home of your dreams while ensuring the entire process is simple and enjoyable. As a family owned and operated business, we care deeply about your experience and offer unrivaled reliability and dedication in building your new home. The cornerstone of our success is our long-standing commitment to craftsmanship, service, energy efficiency and value.

Capstone Homes is the largest custom home builder in northern Arizona with corporate offices in Flagstaff, Arizona. Founded by two industry professionals with over 45 years of new home building experience, Capstone Homes is an ever-growing presence in the region with the expertise to support our superior quality and an enduring reputation of excellence. Capstone Homes builds luxury townhomes, detached homes of custom quality, custom designed homes and stunning
estates. Every Capstone Home is built with the same goal…to elevate your quality of life.

For more information visit the Capstone Homes website