A Mix of the Past and Present

tom_mixLinger awhile at beautiful Yavapai Hills, and if you listen very carefully, you might hear the pounding of horses’ hooves. Because it was here back in the early 1900’s that Tom Mix, the King of Cowboys, spent much of his time in the Prescott area.

It was in 1913 that Mix signed a contract to do movies and moved his family to the Bar Circle A Ranch which is now Yavapai Hills. During the same year he took part in the Prescott Frontier Days celebration where he won first prize in the steer riding and bulldogging competition.

tom-mix-318565Over one hundred two-and three-reel westerns were filmed in and around Slaughter House Gulch, a dry wash that runs though Yavapai Hills. The “hanging tree,” a magnificent old maple with spreading branches, could have grown specifically for stringing up the bad guys. The tree still stands in all its beauty on our property.

Come see…the Mix of past and present, and the legend of Yavapai Hills.